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13.3.2020 19:01

 The intensive training week of ERCCI was held in Milan, Italy. We were a bit shocked when we first arrived, because weather was colder than in Finland! But at least sun was shining, and we had a...

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Multiplier Event- Kassel University-17 May 2019

15.11.2019 9:54

The first multiplier event of the German group took place on may 17th 2019 at the University of Kassel. Around 15 social workers followed our invitation and shared their experiences and knowledge on...

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The Intensive Week in Vilnius- Italian students perspective

14.9.2019 16:46

 Our experience in Vilnius enriched us in different ways and for different reasons.Not knowing exactly what was expected from us and what our role was, we have dived into the various activities...

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Ercci seminaari 7.5.2019 Turku

11.6.2019 11:19

ERCCI projektin sijaishuollon kehittämisseminaarin yhteenveto – sijaishuollon asiantuntijoiden ajatuksia ja toimenpide-ehdotuksia koulutuksen sisällöllisestä kehittämisestä Oheisella...

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The Intensive week in Vilnius

29.4.2019 12:35

 The Intensive week in Vilnius really was Intensive. In five days five different European countries share their statics, stories, ideas and methods. After that week I felt like I’ve done two...

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