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Dr. Jolanta Pivoriene is an associated professor at Mykolas Romeris university, Vilnius, Lithuania. She is teaching at bachelor, master and doctoral level, at the home university and abroad, has over 15 years’ experience in initiation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the national (including funded by Lithuanian Research Council) and international projects. The latest projects are: Critical thinking in higher education: perspectives of labour market and education (funded by Lithuanian Research council), Empowering Residential Child Care Through Interprofessional Training (Erasmus+ Strategic partnership), RESME – On the borderline between child care and mental health treatment in Europe (LLP Erasmus Multilateral Project), Experience of average care implementation: socioeducational aspect (Funded by Lithuanian Research council). Since 2014 she is involved in two COST Actions (as MC member in IS1409 and as MC substitute in IS1402).

Assoc. prof. dr. J. Pivoriene is an active member of European organizations: she was Vice president and Board member of FESET (European Association of Training Centres for Socio-educational Care Work) and Board member of ENSACT (European Network for Social Action), is a Board member of EEsrASSW (Eastern European sub-regional Association of Schools of Social Work), member of ESA (European Sociological Association).

She has an extensive experience as an expert – is an expert at national (Lithuanian Research Council, Education Exchanges Support Foundation, Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education) and European (European Science Foundation,) bodies. She also has experience in working at European Commission initiatives – since 2012 she has been a Vice Chair of Sectorial Reference Group “Human Healthcare and Social Services activities” in European Commission ESCO -European Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations project.

Assoc. prof. dr. Jolanta Pivoriene received Award of Minister of Education of Republic of Lithuania for the Active participation in Erasmus programme and internationalization of higher education in Lithuania (15-5-2012, Nr. 389).


Alina Petrauskienė is an associated professor at the Institute of Educational Sciences and Social Work (University of Mykolas Romeris, Vilnius) in BA and MA degree programs, lecturer in Professional Skills Development Programs for Social Work and Nursing practitioners (2005 – 2019). International projects funded by the European Commission RESME “On the Borders between Residential Child Care and Mental Health Treatment in Europe” (No. 527793-LLP-1-FI-ERASMUS-ECUE, 2012 – 2015) and ERCCI “Empowering Residential Child Care Through Interprofessional Training” (No. 2018 -1-FI01-KA203-047242, 2018 – 2021) MRU team coordinator and researcher. She is also a lecturer in the Joint International Master’s Program “Social Work with Children and Youth” (2014-2019). She is the co-author of the science study (2015) “On the Borders between Residential Child Care and Mental Health Treatment in Europe” and author and co-author of 3 scientific studies and over 30 scientific publications. Research interests: competence development of social workers, reflective practice of social work with children / youth, residential care and strengthening of mental health.




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