MOOC is an Massive Open Online Course platform. ERCCI will be launced in January 2022. ERCCI MOOC is  a free online course available for anyone interested in developing their own skills and competences in residential child care (RCC).

The content of the MOOC:

1. Introduction to RCC
Competence Areas:
2. Developing Reflexivity
3. Creating an Educative and Therapeutic Relationship
4. Transforming Crisis into Opportunities
5. Participating and Promoting Development in RCC Everyday Life
6. Involving Families of Origin
7. Evaluating the Process of Residential Child Care

FESET Webinar 2020 – ‘Pedagogies of Possibilities’, November 13th 2020
Transformative Implications of COVID-19 for European Social Education and Pedagogy
Eeva Timonen-Kallio, Uptaking the mindset and approach of digital pedagogy. Designing the ERCCI MOOC as a case.