ERCCI MOOC is out for you!

ERCCI MOOC Empowering interprofessional residential child care (RCC) work is a significant repository of learning and teaching material (over 100 learning activities) designed as a self-learning course.

  • It is open and accessible for education institutions interested in developing RCC training
  • It is open for utilising as a material for reflection in professional teams in residential facilities
  • It is useful as an introduction material for newcomers in residential child care work.

All material under the license CC BY-SA 4.0 can be freely used, as long as ERCCI-project is credited as the author.

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ERCCI – empowering interprofessional training in residential child care (RCC)

Please feel free to get in touch with us in order to find out more about the ERCCI MOOC and to discuss how we can support RCC training together!

Contact person: Dr. Eeva Timonen-Kallio, eeva

There are several adoption features of the MOOC:

  • easy to integrate to curricula and variety of degrees as well as continuing training
  • can also be utilise as reflection material for professional teams in residential facilities
  • useful as introduction material for newcomers in RCC work

Here is a short introduction about the content.

Here you can see the content of the ERCCI MOOC

ERCCI MANUAL 2021for public

MOOC is an Massive Open Online Course platform. ERCCI will be launched in January 2022. ERCCI MOOC is a free online course available for anyone interested in developing their own skills and competences in residential child care (RCC).


The content of the MOOC:

Introduction to RCC

Competence Areas:

1. Building educative and therapeutic relationships

2. Promoting participation in education and care

3. Transforming crises and conflicts into opportunities

4. Involving the family of origin

5. Evaluating RCC quality and outcomes

6. Developing reflexivity and calibration