In March 2019 in Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius, Lithuania a group of teachers and researchers (9) and university students (24) from five countries came together to provide an international perspective on quality of care in RCC institutions and to reflect and list the needs for RCC training. In this learning, teaching and training (LTT) event one day was reserved for each university to contribute and organize – teachers and students were engaged in all kinds mixed groups in many highly useful ways.

The results underlined the complex RCC context as a demanding working place to promote well-being and growth, inclusion and participation of the vulnerable children. Specific knowledge and competences related to RCC were focused: e.g. the use of physical containment, evidence-based RCC methods and relational challenges in RCC. Very exciting! …

At the end the competences were listed as a long wishing list of the professional RCC skills and for the right kind of personality for a RCC worker. These recommendations will be reworked and deepen in coming two LTTs in Germany and Italy. LTT fostered the building of a structure for student-teacher and theory-practice learning. LTT was an important forum to test ideas and reflect the RCC situation in own country with international fellow-students. It is wonderful that students were able to use this intensive learning week as internationalization and as a launching point for their bachelor and master theses.

Thank you all again for this great week to explore and learn together.

Eeva Timonen-Kallio

ERCCI project manager