Multiplier Event- Kassel University-17 May 2019


The first multiplier event of the German group took place on may 17th 2019 at the University of Kassel. Around 15 social workers followed our invitation and shared their experiences and knowledge on residential child care. The experts have different backgrounds varying from local administration and monitoring, group home leaders, group home staff and academics with a special research focus on residential care.

After a small round of introductions and some information about the ERCCI Project we split into two small discussion groups. We talked about the core competencies for people working in residential child care, further education and training possibilities as well as current developments and challenges. The experts came up with lots of information and insights about the current situation of German residential care and some of the main topics were how to build relationships, the ability of self-reflection, staff stability and loading capacity, crisis- management, how to deal with care leavers and the facilities ethics and attitude.

After the small discussion groups, which could have continued for a few more hours, we gathered in the big group to talk about our results. After the very interesting morning everyone was invited to have lunch at our university cafeteria.