The intensive training week of ERCCI was held in Milan, Italy. We were a bit shocked when we first arrived, because weather was colder than in Finland! But at least sun was shining, and we had a bit time to see city of Milan before our very intensive week in Milano-Bicocca University started. Lovely and historical Douma in the city center made our heart welcoming to Milan as well as our lovely hostesses Dr. professor Laura Formenti and Dr. Alessandra Rigamonti and students from Milano-Bicocca University. The milieu in old university area was great and close to the hotel were most of us students and teachers stayed.

The main goal of the week was to develop ERCCI MOOC online course material for students and workers in RCC. What kind of e-learning place should be? What kind of tasks can we put there? What can be done to keep the studying of the MOOC interesting? What is the best possible way for us all, to take it to the next level? Week was full of interesting and meaningful questions to which ones we should get answers together. It’s easier to say than do, because different kind of understanding and working systems in each country made all a bit challenging.

The week included presentations from every country. Finland’s presentations in Milan consisted of presentation of how we are proceeding with our task and responsibilities in Turku University of Applied Sciences. The subject of our module is Creating Educative and Therapeutic Relationship. It´s Lotta´s and Suvi´s master’s thesis to create the content of the on-line MOOC. Elina´s presentation was about what kind of RCC training in universities is available in Finland.

So, what was the best things about this week?
We heard presentations and reviewed together all contents that could be useful in the MOOC. We saw that we have many similarities with each country when talking about working in RCC and that’s why we could easily identify ourselves as RCC workers in all countries.
Differences came along with different kind of working systems and what things different authorities could do in RCC working life. It was interesting to develop differences and create understanding together towards better working life in RCC, but also better life for kids in RCC. The week in Milan was very intensive, educational and inspirational. During the week we found the solutions together with teachers and students. We have a strong believe that ERCCI project is heading over its goal the best possible way and we made the right decisions during the week.
The week was once in a lifetime experience for us and we can´t wait to see the completed version of the ERCCI MOOC. Good luck!

Suvi Barrow, Lotta Pusa and Elina Roos, Master’s students, TUAS